Dr Nigel Bradly

Nigel is a natural resources, energy and marine specialist with 22 years experience in both the public and private sectors around the world. Strategy development and execution has become a particular focus in the past 15 years and includes leadership roles in multiple acquisitions, mergers, divestments, restructuring, capital raising, execution of a public- private partnership, and creation of new businesses in the energy, primary, environmental, tourism, and financial services sectors.
Independent Director

David Plummer

David brings 30 years of career experience as an operating CEO in private companies and as a private equity portfolio manager. He now specialises in private equity and alternative investments, working with a wide range of clients including long-term trusts, family offices, Superannuation Fund managers, and private equity funds. David has a special interest in the practical application of "ESG" and responsible investment governance and on the opportunities in New Zealand for environmental and agritech investment.
Sustainability Director

Cerasela Stancu

Cerasela works with private sector and government organisations on sustainability solutions and integration of natural capital and ecosystem services in policy and business decisions, including performance measurement and disclosure. She is focused on investment for impact as a viable concept for landscape level solutions in New Zealand and working with interested parties on supporting actions at the nexus between water, food and carbon.
Sustainable Investment Director

Eddie Christian

Eddie is a new partner at EnviroStrat and brings with him 10+ years of leadership roles in banking across domestic and international markets. Eddie has worked in NZ, Asia and the Middle East with large multinationals, NGOs and SMEs in a range of industries. With experience in M&A, capital markets, project finance and debt structuring Eddie, has supported organisations in high growth industries as well as project developers.

Before joining EnviroStrat, Eddie was the Group Manager of Investment and Engagement at the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). This role was responsible for the development, origination and execution of programmes / funds totalling NZ$460M and delivering decarbonisation and energy savings across defined market segments.

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Smith

Rob recently joined the business as COO having returned to New Zealand after 20 years in Australia. A lawyer by training, Rob has worked in a number of industries, including government, law, technology, FMCG and sport and entertainment, and business functions from sales and business development to management and leadership.


Senior Project Manager

Rebecca Barclay

Rebecca is a coastal and freshwater policy specialist and programme manager with over 15 years’ experience working with central and local government and in the consulting sector, most recently in a management position with Healthy Waters, Auckland Council. Rebecca was lead policy analyst on Sea Change Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan and offers expertise in iwi and stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and project management. Rebecca holds a BSc in environmental science, a Grad Dip in Marine Studies and MLS in Ocean Governance.
Projects Strategy Lead

Cameron Inskeep

Cameron brings 23 years of commercial consulting experience including working for Accenture, Deloitte Consulting and as an owner and director of Maven Consulting. Cameron is a specialist in business strategy/planning and he has experience in supporting and running start-up businesses. His work at EnviroStrat has included leading business case development in the aquaculture and environmental education sectors, and developing strategic plans involving the circular waste economy.
Lead Researcher

Victoria Syddall

Victoria is a policy and research specialist with particular expertise in inshore, deepwater and offshore fisheries management (including fishes, seaweeds, and corals), transboundary and integrated resource management of fisheries, freshwater and land resources, stakeholder led collaborative processes. She has significant breadth and depth of skills and knowledge including strategic business analysis, commerce, (accounting – compilation/tax/management, economics, law, marketing, employment relations), policy, natural resource management, fisheries management and marine science and biology.
Project Manager

Fraser Stobie

Fraser is a blue economy, environment, and marine specialist working as a project manager and researcher. He combines robust tertiary qualifications with practical experience across a variety of fisheries, aquaculture, conservation, blue economy strategy, climate resilience, infrastructure, Maori asset development, government (local and central), and marine science projects. Fraser provides a science-based skillset which allows him to understand projects at a technical level, whilst also providing project management capability.

Izzy Brown

Izzy recently completed a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management at Lincoln University, to support an undergraduate background in environmental policy and planning, economics, and political science. Izzy is interested in today's complex environmental problems and how they are interconnected within socio-cultural, political, economic, legal, and institutional contexts. Due to current international agendas, carbon reduction technologies and renewable resources have been a focal point of her post-graduate studies.
Financial Analyst

Vinny Chauhan

Vinny is a Financial Analyst who specialises in building complex financial models to help assess the commercial aspects of different projects across a wide range of industries. His previous experience in investment banking has seen him play key roles in mergers, acquisitions, investments and capital raising. Vinny's work with EnviroStrat has included the development of business cases for impact investment funding for agriculture and marine projects.
Environmental Economist

Sandra Cortés Acosta

Sandra’s expertise combines quantitative and qualitative tools for identifying drivers for communities and individuals in restoring land, coastal and marine environments. Sandra completed a PhD in Environmental Studies at Victoria University, Wellington, exploring the relationship between land-cover choices and governance structures relating to Māori legal entities. Sandra is fluent in Spanish and English.
Intern – Business & Sustainability

Tahlia Bridger

Tahlia is a third year BSc/BCom student, majoring in Environmental Science, Geography, International Business and Marketing. Tahlia is working as a business and sustainability intern, focusing on carbon offsetting and the blue economy. Tahlia has a passion for sustainability in all industries.
Senior Environmental Consultant

Sylvia Lima

Sylvia is an environmental and sustainable development practitioner with international experience working on environmental impact assessments, risk assessments, environmental feasibility studies, management implementation and monitoring plans. With an academic background in marine biology, environmental management and technologies, global environmental politics and climate change, Sylvia has worked for the private and public sectors and led research for the academic sector. Sylvia is currently completing her PhD in climate change adaptation success factors in developing countries' coastal areas funded through multilateral financial mechanisms. Sylvia is fluent in Portuguese and English.
Researcher - Nature-Based Solutions

Lilly Peacocke

Lilly's expertise combines marine and social sciences for a transdisciplinary approach to ocean policy and governance. She recently completed a 'Sea and Society' Master of Marine Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, supported by a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in politics and marine ecology from Auckland University. The Masters programme is interdisciplinary, integrating social science, economics, and law with marine science to generate multidisciplinary thinking around ocean governance and marine management. Her thesis focused on small-scale Swedish fishermen's perspectives and their representation in science and policy. Upon returning from Sweden, Lilly worked with The Lever Room, assessing the need for an overarching Oceans Framework in Aotearoa New Zealand. Recently, she's been working with the Waiheke Marine Project, collating and analysing existing knowledge on Waiheke Island's marine environment.
Sustainability Advisor – Landscape Scale Solutions

Ross Abercrombie

Ross is a sustainable landuse practitioner with over 20 years' experience within regional councils, dairy sector, and research institutions in New Zealand. He has worked in various project management roles considering the impact of agriculture on climate, land and water. Most recently Ross has led projects such as the Waikato Freshwater Policy Review interacting with Council and iwi co-governors, and led on-farm footprint assessments within the dairy industry. Ross holds a Master of Social Science in Geography and is leading EnviroStrat work in design and implementation of landscape scale solutions.
Project Manager

Joseph Stuart

Joseph is a commercialisation and growth specialist with 20+ years’ experience in governance and operations in both the public and private sectors. Facilitating innovation and growth in some of New Zealand’s most successful companies, Joseph’s specialist areas combine environmental and technology execution through focus on strategy and planning, entrepreneurial ecosystem development, commercialisation, high-value manufacturing and capital raising. Joseph works to create ecosystem impact to support us all to become better ancestors.

Robbie Maris

Robbie is in his final year of a BBus, majoring in economics and chemistry. He will be starting a Master of Management Studies (in economics) at the University of Waikato in 2022. Robbie has an interest in combining science and business principles to address modern challenges. He enjoys learning about and exploring new concepts and industries, with a desire to work across multi-disciplinary teams. Previously, he has researched seaweed aquaculture, dairy farming efficiency, environmental economics and vaccine hesitancy. Outside of this, Robbie is a football referee and spends most of his weekends out on the football field.

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