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Taking sustainability beyond regulatory compliance

We help our clients turn risks and challenges into opportunities with positive environmental impact at their core.

Combining expertise to deliver a
systems level approach

We blend scientific capability with commercial experience, economic understanding and policy and legal expertise to deliver impact-focused natural resource projects that speak to the wide community of stakeholders required to turn projects from concept to reality. Our mission on every project is to deliver measurable environmental and social impacts that also, where relevant and appropriate, deliver positive financial or economic returns.

Accelerating the shift to sustainable
natural resources

Our full-service model encompasses the entire project life cycle, from strategy, research and analysis to impact project development, project and programme management, and monitoring, evaluation and independent review. We support our clients with specific elements or combine our skill and experience sets to provide a comprehensive end-to-end partnership working with internal teams and partners.

Strategy, research and analysis

Combining complex applied scientific, economic, policy, legal and commercial expertise, our multidisciplinary team applies a comprehensive understanding of the environment and natural resources to deliver objective assessment and in-depth analysis to challenges and opportunities in the natural resources sector. The output provides strategy development, research and analysis that considers the complex challenges facing society and the environment in a holistic, considered and innovative way..

Impact project development

We are New Zealand’s leading environmental impact investment project developer. By using our expertise in strategy, research and analysis alongside specialist investment expertise, we develop and execute projects that deliver financial returns alongside environmental and social benefits.

We recognise that to create scalable, high quality, investable projects it is essential to develop innovative approaches to financing and the development of new initiatives. That is why our impact investment expertise and network of aligned entities is of such value to our clients.

Project and programme management

We provide tailored end-to-end project management across the entire project life cycle. A trusted project initiator, our team combines comprehensive industry knowledge with proven experience managing complex projects and programmes to coordinate and facilitate multidisciplinary and multi-sector teams and contracts.

Monitoring, evaluation and independent review

We underpin our monitoring and evaluation capability with an understanding of results-based management. This provides a sound framework for strategic planning and management and a commitment to achieving expected results.Results-based Management is a powerful framework for monitoring and evaluation, showing the causal relationship between inputs and activities, outputs, outcomes and impact over time.

Sectors we work in

With a collective 60+ years experience in the coastal marine and blue economy sectors, our team is positioned at the forefront of emerging blue economy opportunities. Our work in the blue economy spans all of EnviroStrat’s core capabilities, from strategy, research and analysis, to impact project development and programme management, to independent review of major government-funded programmes.

EnviroStrat CEO, Dr Nigel Bradly, is a globally respected leader in marine spatial planning and the blue economy. He has been invited to participate in international conferences on the blue economy, including as a keynote speaker on the Alignment between Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Economic Investment at the UN Conference on the Blue Economy in Kenya in November 2018. He was also invited to speak on Sustainable and Resilient Blue Economy and Marine Spatial Planning at the International Coastal Zone Management Conference in India in July 2019, and was a member of a panel discussion for Creating a Blue Society: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Ocean and Coastal Management action run by the Global Ocean Forum at the UN Oceans Conference in Portugal in June 2022.

Aquaculture is a sector that is of particular focus for EnviroStrat, and in 2019 we acquired 50% of New Zealand’s leading aquaculture consultancy Aquaculture Direct. This provides EnviroStrat and our clients with valuable technical skills and experience in aquaculture, complementing our expertise in the blue economy

Our team is at the leading edge of natural capital accounting, and ecosystem services assessment, applying and adapting international experience for local environments for the first time in New Zealand. We have led New Zealand’s two most recent organic sector market reports and are developing a national strategy for the New Zealand Apiculture sector which will identify actionable measures to enable sustainable growth. Our work in this area has included significant focus on opportunities for impact investment to help solve some of the complex land and water management challenges in New Zealand.

Climate change is an area of particular focus, including climate resilience and adaptation, carbon accounting and mitigating impacts of climate change in marine and terrestrial environments. EnviroStrat’s team works extensively in the emerging blue carbon area, including developing pathways to market for blue carbon from seaweed in New Zealand, leading a blue carbon inventory for the Auckland region and research into restorative marine economies in New Zealand.We have prepared regional, local and sectoral greenhouse gas inventories and associated planning responses, including identification of opportunities for carbon avoidance and removal at different scales and alignment with level commitments and targets. Our impact investment project development has climate adaptation at its core and increasingly aligns biodiversity and water quality impacts with the climate change imperative.

The efficient use of energy and resources is critical as we transition to a zero emission’s economy. We have experience in sustainability strategy development and project delivery. Our team work with businesses, local and central government and developers to enable energy and resources projects at scale, from pre-feasibility to feasibility and investment case development.

Envirostrat projects across the globe

Strategic marketing alignment

Australia / Dairy Australia

2023EnviroStrat were subcontracted to assist with planning and research of dairy and footprint related studies.

International Seaweed Symposium

Australia – Tasmania

2023 Rebecca Barclay and Dr Nigel Bradly spoke at the Symposium about our GreenWave Aotearoa story and sharing experiences and insights from developing New Zealand’s Seaweed Sector Framework. Learn More

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Workshop

Bangladesh / World Bank and Government of Bangladesh

2017Dr Nigel Bradly was an invited presenter at the Workshop, speaking about marine spatial planning and Blue Economy assessment.

Assessment of Blue Economy potential

Fiji / World Bank

EnviroStrat led a Blue Economy and ocean policy costing approach, reviewing legislative and policy frameworks and identifying pathways and development of specific action plans.

Lead author of Blueprint for Ocean Sustainability

France / Intergovernmental Oceanographic of UNESCO

2011EnviroStrat was lead author of a cross-UN paper Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability – the core UN Oceans policy paper leading up to the 2012 Rio+20 Global Environmental Summit. Along with a succinct summary of the current issues and problems, the paper identified ten proposals for future action. Learn More

Enhancing Coastal and Ocean Resource Efficiency (ENCORE) – Blue Economy Assessment methodology

India (Delhi) / World Bank

2018 – 2019EnviroStrat was asked to provide the ENCORE programme a practical step-by-step approach on how to undertake an assessment of Blue Economy opportunities, ensuring a strong focus on identifying future sustainable Blue Economy opportunities. Learn More

Indian Integrated Coastal Zone Management Guidelines

India (Chennai) / National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Chennai

2019EnviroStrat updated the Indian guidelines on Integrated Coastal Zone Management Planning to ensure both marine and spatial planning and Blue Economy development are recognised as key components of future coastal and marine development in India.

International Coastal Zone Management Conference

India (Chennai) / World Bank

2019Dr Nigel Bradly was invited to speak on sustainable and resilient Blue Economy assessment and marine spatial planning.

United Nations Conference on the Blue Economy

Kenya / United Nations

2018Dr Nigel Bradly was a keynote speaker on the alignment between marine spatial planning and Blue Economic investment. He also moderated and spoke in a session on the sustainable use of non-living marine resources.

Scoping blue finance opportunities

Madagascar & Comoros / World Bank and governments of Madagascar and Comoros

2023 – CurrentEnviroStrat has been engaged to identify pathways to private finance for Nature-based Solutions that would deliver co-benefits for the environment and society.


New Zealand

EnviroStrat works throughout New Zealand on marine and terrestrial projects.

Feasibility study

Papua New Guinea / National Fisheries Authority

2022 – currentEnviroStrat is assessing the viability of an initiative to utilise the waste stream from tuna canneries to develop locally-sourced fish feed that could support the growth of inland aquaculture.

Catalysing Nature-based Solutions report

Singapore / UBS Optimus Foundation

2022Engaged by the philanthropic arm of global investment bank UBS, EnviroStrat, in collaboration with Mana Impact, reviewed best practices in monitoring, reporting and verification in Southeast Asian Nature-based Solutions (NbS). The scope of the work included identifying the role of emerging technologies in MRV, and factors likely to influence success of NbS projects. Learn More

Fishery Performance Indicators business planning

United States of America – Florida / World Bank

2017Engaged by the World Bank to develop a business plan for growing Fisheries Performance Indicators into a long term, sustainable business.Learn More

Blue Economy – multiple projects

Washington DC / World Bank

2016- current

  1. Blue Sky Thinking for the Blue Economy: investment strategy for the PROBLUE Trust Fund, overseen by the World Bank 2020.
  2. Blue Carbon Review: policy paper reviewing the current state of blue carbon initiatives globally, identifying opportunities for the World Bank to invest in scaling blue carbon initiatives with client countries, 2022.
  3. Blue Finance: white paper discussing opportunities and constraints for increasing finance flows into the blue economy, 2021.
  4. Coastal Fisheries Initiative: project mobilisation for the Challenge Fund, a multi-year programme aimed at developing investable coastal fisheries in six countries, 2018.

Riding The Blue Wave Coastal Fisheries Initiative

Mussel farming investment case and implementation strategy

United States of America – Southern California / Pacific6

2022 – 2023EnviroStrat was engaged to develop the investment case and supporting implementation plan for Pacific6’s offshore blue mussel farming operation. Our work included detailed financial modeling, a permitting strategy, operational needs assessment, market opportunities identification, risk assessment and an overarching strategy for growth.

Blue Economy Review and Master Marine Spatial Plan Framework

Vietnam / World Bank and Government of Vietnam

2020 – 2022EnviroStrat reviewed the current state of the blue economy and marine spatial planning in Vietnam, including opportunities and constraints to blue economy growth, and the legislative and policy context at both provincial and national levels. We prepared a Master Marine Spatial Plan framework to guide marine spatial planning at the central government and provincial levels for the future.

Adapting international experience for
local projects

Recognising that many of the solutions to environmental challenges have been successfully developed and deployed elsewhere, our work often originates with a concept or practice we have observed being successfully used internationally and adapting it to our unique context. This has resulted in the first time an approach has been adapted in New Zealand for several of our projects.

For example, in New Zealand EnviroStrat has used this approach to:

Pioneer regenerative ocean farming by adapting the GreenWave approach from the United States of America

Pilot a natural capital ‘chart of accounts’ for freshwater management

Conduct landscape-scale impact investment analysis in the Waipā catchment

Develop a restoration plan for New Zealand’s largest catchment, adapting the Investment Framework for Environmental Resources

Develop a region-wide green growth strategy

Undertake research into restorative marine economies

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