Capability Statement – Strategy, Research & Analysis

EnviroStrat is an internationally recognised thought leader, adviser researcher in the environmental and natural resources sector.

EnviroStrat’s multi-disciplinary team provides a wide range of expert strategic support and advice.  EnviroStrat applies deep environmental and natural resource industry and policy knowledge to ensure objective assessment of strategic issues and in-depth research into some of the key challenges and opportunities in the natural resources sector.  

Our scientific, economic, policy, legal and commercial expertise ensures holistic and comprehensive strategy development and advice.  EnviroStrat steps into complex situations to develop effective strategic advice and in-depth research, leveraging our global and national network of subject matter experts. 

EnviroStrat has:

  • Developed and lead research into restorative economies and the future of NZ seaweed through the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge.
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of research of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge in assisting policy makers in the freshwater and agriculture sectors.
  • Adapted international research into nature-based solutions, natural capital accounting, and development of innovative blue carbon markets into a NZ context.


  • In depth research and analysis.
  • Options analysis.
  • Strategic assessments.
  • Investment cases.
  • Restoration strategies.
  • Market and investment strategies.
  • Strategic policy recommendations.


EnviroStrat carries out project and programme management for a range of public and private clients, including:

Case studies:

February 12, 2020 in Climate, Regional Gov't, Strategy, Research & Analysis

Waikato Greenhouse Gas Inventory

EnviroStrat has developed the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory for the Waikato Region. This applies the global community protocol methodology. Revisiting the inventory in 2020 is going to provide a breakdown of emissions for each district within the Region, which will inform both regional and local responses to climate change.
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February 12, 2020 in Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Iwi, Project & Programme Management, Strategy, Research & Analysis

Chatham Rock Phosphate (Managing the response to a proposal for Deep Sea Phosphate Mining)

EnviroStrat successfully led the response of New Zealand’s largest tribe to a proposal for deep sea phosphate mining on the Chatham Rise, NZ. Developed and executed a strategy to refute the evidence presented by the applicant through a 3 month hearing process, including engaging and managing experts in economics, ecology, ecotoxicology, planning, and international best practice. There were a number of unresolved issues, including the impact on existing fisheries and cultural interests, the need for adaptive management in the context of very large infrastructure development, restoration techniques using the precautionary principle, and the reliance of modelling as a proxy for…
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February 12, 2020 in Land & Water Management, Regional Gov't, Strategy, Research & Analysis

A local food economy for Rotorua

EnviroStrat was commissioned by Rotorua Economic Development to lead market research to better understand the opportunities and challenges for establishing a local food economy in Rotorua.
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