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Capability Statement – Strategy, Research & Analysis

EnviroStrat is an internationally recognised thought leader, adviser researcher in the environmental and natural resources sector.

EnviroStrat’s multi-disciplinary team provides a wide range of expert strategic support and advice.  EnviroStrat applies deep environmental and natural resource industry and policy knowledge to ensure objective assessment of strategic issues and in-depth research into some of the key challenges and opportunities in the natural resources sector.  

Our scientific, economic, policy, legal and commercial expertise ensures holistic and comprehensive strategy development and advice.  EnviroStrat steps into complex situations to develop effective strategic advice and in-depth research, leveraging our global and national network of subject matter experts. 

EnviroStrat has:

  • Developed and lead research into restorative economies and the future of NZ seaweed through the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge.
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of research of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge in assisting policy makers in the freshwater and agriculture sectors.
  • Adapted international research into nature-based solutions, natural capital accounting, and development of innovative blue carbon markets into a NZ context.


  • In depth research and analysis.
  • Options analysis.
  • Strategic assessments.
  • Investment cases.
  • Restoration strategies.
  • Market and investment strategies.
  • Strategic policy recommendations.


EnviroStrat carries out project and programme management for a range of public and private clients, including:

Case studies:

November 20, 2022 in Our Work, Strategy, Research & Analysis

Catalysing Nature-based Solutions

Catalysing nature-based solutions: Perspectives and practices for developing high-quality projects gives a sense of the vast potential we have to harness nature to address global environmental and biodiversity challenges. The report was co-authored by EnviroStrat and Singapore-based impact investment and advisory firm, Mana Impact, with support from UBS Optimus Foundation. Download the NBS Report. 
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October 6, 2022 in Strategy, Research & Analysis

Transitioning to a Blue Economy research report

About the client Established in 2014, the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge is a 10-year, two phase government-funded research programme set up to address how we can best develop our marine economy, while protecting the taonga of our marine environment. Executive Summary Sustainable Seas National Challenge has a vision for healthy marine ecosystems that provide value for every New Zealander. EnviroStrat has been a significant contributor to the Sustainable Seas blue economy workstream. In 2018 EnviroStrat was tasked with leading a project reviewing how the blue economy in New Zealand is growing and changing, and the potential of research and…
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September 14, 2022 in Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Our Work, Strategy, Research & Analysis

Innovative three-year seaweed farming pilot to demonstrate seaweed’s potential for New Zealand’s blue economy

GreenWave Aotearoa is an innovative three-year regenerative ocean farming pilot that began in mid-2021. Led by EnviroStrat, in partnership with Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki,Premium Seas Ltd, the Universities of Waikato and Auckland and AgriSea, the $5 million pilot is focused on creating an economically viable seed-to-harvest model for seaweed farming inNew Zealand. Taking place on existing consented aquaculturefarm sites in the Hauraki Gulf, supported by hatcheries in the Coromandel and Tauranga, the pilot is developing on-water infrastructure and growing techniques, post-harvesting logistics and product development. In doing so, GreenWave Aotearoa seeks to optimise productivity (and therefore commercial viability) of seaweed…
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