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Strategy Development

EnviroStrat provides a range of trusted strategic support to Iwi, government and international agencies, and the philanthropic and private sectors. Our scientific, economic, policy, legal and commercial expertise ensures holistic and comprehensive strategy development. EnviroStrat addresses complex situations, developing effective plans of action that help clients achieve their goals.

EnviroStrat’s multi-disciplinary team provides strategic advice across a range of sectors including fisheries, aquaculture and regenerative agriculture, and we develop effective landscape and catchment-level restoration plans.

EnviroStrat has helped clients to:

  • Build strategic cases to determine compelling cases for change;
  • Ensure strategic and stakeholder alignment on problems and outcomes;
  • Implement sound strategic decision-making and action plans.

Strategic services include:

  • Options analysis
  • Strategic assessments
  • Investment cases
  • Restoration strategies
  • Market and investment strategies
  • Consent hearing strategy
  • Strategic policy recommendations

Project and programme management

EnviroStrat manages complex programmes and projects involving multidisciplinary and multi-sector teams. We provide tailored end-to-end project management across the entire project life cycle, from assessment to execution. A trusted project initiator, EnviroStrat delivers robust feasibility studies and business cases to provide a solid and effective foundation for initiatives.

Programme management services include:

  • Programme Design
  • Forum/programme coordination

Project management services include:

  • Project Initiation
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Business Cases
  • Project Planning
  • Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Project Closure
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Independent review, monitoring and evaluation

Effective monitoring and evaluation are key to any project or programme’s success. EnviroStrat has proven capability in the monitoring & evaluation of environmental, social and commercial programmes, and extensive experience conducting independent reviews.

The EnviroStrat team enables clients to:

  • Implement consistent and comprehensive monitoring;
  • Determine process and governance shifts to ensure better impact;
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for investment.

Services include:

  • Mid-programme and end-programme reviews
  • Independent reviews of team and forum performance
  • Development of outcome and monitoring frameworks

Blue economy

EnviroStrat is an international thought leader and project developer in the blue economy space. We work with clients to identify and develop marine and coastal activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to social, cultural and ecological well-being. EnviroStrat takes an assessment to investment approach that understands the key roles of both government and private players.

A trusted advisor to the World Bank and government agencies, EnviroStrat guides the development of sustainable blue economies around the world. In New Zealand, EnviroStrat led the collaborative development of the blue economy research agenda. On the water, we are developing a range of blue economy initiatives including blue infrastructure, shellfish spat farming, and regenerative seaweed and shellfish aquaculture. EnviroStrat’s recent acquisition of 50% of the aquaculture consultancy Aquaculture Direct further strengthens our capability and experience in this sector.

Blue economy services include:

    • Provision of world-class guidance on the blue economy, including assessment to investment methodology.
    • Identification and prioritisation of blue economy opportunities.
    • Detailed analysis, development and execution of investable projects.

Marine spatial planning

EnviroStrat has globally recognised expertise in marine spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management. EnviroStrat works with a diversity of stakeholders to plan the prioritisation and distribution of activities in the marine space to achieve healthy ecosystems and deliver economic, cultural and social outcomes. We take a strategic, whole systems approach, blending indigenous and western approaches to future management, providing integration from mountains to sea, and across sectors and activities.

EnviroStrat’s CEO, Dr Nigel Bradly, is a respected thought leader in marine spatial planning and the blue economy and has acted as keynote speaker at a number of international conferences. Nigel was the lead author of New Zealand’s first Marine Spatial Plan – Sea Change, Tai Timu Tai Pari.

Marine spatial planning services

  • Spatial and strategic prioritisation for sectors and initiatives including fishing, marine protected areas, tourism, water quality improvements, blue infrastructure and aquaculture.
  • Complex partnership and stakeholder engagement across Iwi, commercial sectors, environmental NGOs, scientists, community and regional and central government.
  • Robust scientific assessment, scenario development and analysis.

Impact investment

EnviroStrat is NZ’s leading impact investment project developer. We create and execute projects that deliver financial returns alongside deliberate environmental and social benefits. Using applied science and technology, environmental analysis and investment expertise, we work alongside public and private organisations, Māori and stakeholders, to develop and deliver effective impact investment initiatives.

EnviroStrat has a fully developed methodology and track record in a range of marine and terrestrial impact projects. EnviroStrat’s experience and multi-disciplinary expertise is helping to build a blueprint for deploying impact investing in New Zealand when seeking viable solutions to issues including climate change, biodiversity and water quality.

Impact Investment Services

EnviroStrat’s multi-disciplinary team provides full impact investment services, including a proprietary impact investment assessment matrix to guide projects from assessment to execution. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Investment cases
  • Stakeholder and investor engagement
  • Economic analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Project financing
  • Execution of projects
  • Impact measurement and reporting

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EnviroStrat operates nationwide in New Zealand and regularly in the USA, India and developing nations throughout Southeast Asia.

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