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Capability Statement – Monitoring, Evaluation & Independent Review

EnviroStrat is an internationally recognised, independent thought leader and adviser in the natural resource sector.

Effective monitoring and evaluation are key to any project or programme’s success.  EnviroStrat has proven capability in monitoring and evaluation of environmental and environment-related programmes, and extensive experience conducting independent reviews.

The EnviroStrat team has enabled clients to:

  • Understand and communicate the effectiveness and outcomes of projects and programmes.
  • Implement consistent and comprehensive monitoring and reporting of progress and outcomes.
  • Conduct effective evaluations.
  • Determine process and governance shifts to ensure optimal impact.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for investment.

Specialist strengths

  • Domestic and international evaluation experience including application within the World Bank / UN context.
  • Extensive and effective interview experience.
  • Familiarity with OECD Development Assistance Criteria guidelines.
  • Demonstrated acumen in financial and economic analysis.
  • Experience in application of the Global Environmental Facility rating system.
  • Understanding of latest insights and trends through EnviroStrat’s network of aligned experts and effective knowledge management.
  • Proven application of the logic intervention (theory of change) approach.
  • Track record as a trusted independent reviewer.


EnviroStrat’s relevant services include:

  • Mid-programme and end-programme reviews.
  • Independent reviews of team and organisational performance.
  • Development of outcome and monitoring frameworks.
  • Development of impact metrics for impact investment projects.

EnviroStrat underpins its monitoring and evaluation capability with a strong understanding of results-based management (RBM).  This provides a sound framework for strategic planning and management, and commitment to achieving expected results.  RBM is a powerful tool in effective monitoring and evaluation, showing the causal relationship between inputs & activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact over time.


EnviroStrat carries out project and programme management for a range of public and private clients, including:

Case studies:

February 12, 2020 in Monitoring, Evaluation & Independent Review, Our Work, Private

Current state analysis and market review: ESR food and water activities

EnviroStrat was commissioned by ESR to review its food and water activities and how they contribute to ESR’s core purpose and key outcomes; in particular, providing scientific capacity for New Zealand on a financially and scientifically sustainable basis. EnviroStrat identified four key issues for the organisation: strategic direction; customer centricity; internal engagement; and delivering results. EnviroStrat developed a number of recommendations for ESR to fix the identified issues and improve overall performance.
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February 12, 2020 in Central Gov't, Land & Water Management, Monitoring, Evaluation & Independent Review, Our Work

Evaluation of the Fresh Start for Fresh Water Fund

EnviroStrat was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) to evaluate the effectiveness and outcomes achieved from each of seven projects funded through the Fresh Start for Fresh Water Clean-up Fund. EnviroStrat reviewed the projects in detail and produced a number of recommendations so that future funding is more effectively used to achieve the objectives of each project and the overall programme.
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February 12, 2020 in Central Gov't, Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Monitoring, Evaluation & Independent Review, Our Work

Review of Campbell Island Marine Reserve

EnviroStrat was appointed by DOC to review the current status of the Campbell Island Marine Reserve under the Sub Antarctic Islands Marine Reserve Act 2014. EnviroStrat provided a recommendation to the Minister of Conservation that it should be extended beyond its current boundaries to incorporate the entire Campbell Island Territorial Sea.
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