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Capability Statement – Impact Project Development

EnviroStrat is an internationally recognised thought leader, adviser and impact investment project developer.

EnviroStrat is NZ’s leading environmental impact investment project developer.  We work to create and execute projects that deliver financial returns alongside deliberate environmental and social benefits.  Impact investment funds are increasingly appealing to government, trusts, corporate and institutional investors, with year-on-year growth of at least NZ$350m of new dedicated funding available over the last five years.

EnviroStrat is one of a small number of New Zealand-based multidisciplinary organisations capable of bringing together the complex science, economic and commercial elements necessary to create an ‘investable’ impact opportunity, assist in its execution, and deliver evidence of benefits created.

EnviroStrat has a fully developed methodology and track record in a range of natural resource, climate resilience, marine and terrestrial projects.  Using applied science and technology, environmental analysis and investment expertise, we work alongside public and private organisations, Māori and other stakeholders, to develop and deliver effective impact investment initiatives.

EnviroStrat’s experience and expertise is helping to build a blueprint for deploying impact investing to other parts of New Zealand when seeking viable solutions to climate change, biodiversity and water quality issues.  Our belief in the potential of impact investment is demonstrated in our recent acquisition of 50% of aquaculture consultancy Aquaculture Direct to grow our capability and experience in the sector.

EnviroStrat’s impact investment focus has enabled clients to:

  • Unlock financially self-sustaining opportunities to create environmental and social impact.
  • Design more effective solutions to mitigate the impacts of land and resource use, valuing ecosystem services and ensuring at-scale impact.
  • Create investable opportunities at the landscape level (catchment, region) and in the marine and coastal environments.


EnviroStrat’s multi-disciplinary team provides full impact investment services, including a proprietary impact investment assessment matrix to guide projects from assessment to execution.

Services include:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Due diligence.
  • Investment cases.
  • Stakeholder and investor engagement.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Project financing.
  • Execution of projects.
  • Impact measurement and reporting.


EnviroStrat carries out project and programme management for a range of public and private clients, including:

Case studies:

February 12, 2020 in Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Impact Project Develop't, Our Work, Private

Bycatch- Free Fish Trap- Feasibility assessment

EnviroStrat led the development and testing of the prototype of a bycatch-free fish trap. The trap is designed to improve the selectivity of commercial fishing by eliminating bycatch of non-target species and juvenile fish, and removes risk to seabirds, and impacts on marine mammals. EnviroStrat thoroughly investigated the feasibility of the device and carried out a trial of the prototype in the Leigh Harbour lasting 5 months to test its effectiveness in meeting the success criteria for the project. A number of challenges with the design aspects of the prototype were identified and solutions to fix these were provided to…
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February 12, 2020 in Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Impact Project Develop't, Iwi, Our Work

Mussel Spat Farm Investment Case – 90 Mile Beach

EnviroStrat prepared the Investment Case for an open ocean 1,200 ha Mussel Spat Farm off 90 Mile Beach for three far north tribes and the aquaculture sector to address a critical risk to future growth of the mussel sector. EnviroStrat worked with the three tribes, industry, stakeholders, and MPI, as well as potential investors throughout the process. The investment case involved strategic assessment, consideration of social, environmental, cultural and economic factors, detailed financial modelling, legal analysis and engineering design.
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February 12, 2020 in Coastal, Marine & Blue Economy, Impact Project Develop't, Our Work, Private

Feasibility of seafood sector Impact Investment in the Hauraki Gulf

EnviroStrat led a study, funded by Foundation North, into the feasibility of impact investment to provide the pathway to a high value, low impact seafood sector in the Hauraki Gulf. This included several elements of the fishery sector; shelving fishing quota, converting the current trawling fleet to more sustainable methods, development of high value salt water fishing tourism, development of fin fish aquaculture, and the creation of a sustainable fishery brand for the Hauraki Gulf.
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