Impact Investment is a rapidly growing segment of the New Zealand investment market due to the promise of delivering positive financial returns alongside deliberate and measurable environmental and social co-benefits.  Impact investment funds are increasingly appealing to government, trusts, corporate and institutional investors, with year-on-year growth of at least >NZD$350m of new dedicated funding available over the last five years. 

Whilst New Zealand is following an international pattern of increased availability of impact investment funding, there has not been a commensurate increase in the supply of large-scale domestic impact investment opportunities. 

EnviroStrat is one of a small number of New Zealand based multidisciplinary organisations capable of bringing together the complex science, economic and commercial elements necessary to create an ‘investable’ impact opportunity, assist in its execution, and deliver evidence of benefits created.

EnviroStrat has a fully developed methodology and track record in bringing together a range of natural resource, climate resilience, marine and terrestrial projects, which attract public, institutional, non-profit and private capital.

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EnviroStrat operates nationwide in New Zealand and regularly in the USA, India and developing nations throughout Southeast Asia.

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