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Catalysing Nature-based Solutions

Catalysing nature-based solutions: Perspectives and practices for developing high-quality projects gives a sense of the vast potential we have to harness nature to address global environmental and biodiversity challenges. The report was co-authored by EnviroStrat and Singapore-based impact investment and advisory firm, Mana Impact, with support from UBS Optimus Foundation. Download the NBS Report. 
November 20, 2022
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Innovative three-year seaweed farming pilot to demonstrate seaweed’s potential for New Zealand’s blue economy

GreenWave Aotearoa is an innovative three-year regenerative ocean farming pilot that began in mid-2021. Led by EnviroStrat, in partnership with Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki,Premium Seas Ltd, the Universities of Waikato and Auckland and AgriSea, the $5 million pilot is focused on creating an economically viable seed-to-harvest model for seaweed farming inNew Zealand. Taking place on existing consented aquaculturefarm sites in the Hauraki Gulf, supported by hatcheries in the Coromandel and Tauranga, the pilot is developing on-water infrastructure and growing techniques, post-harvesting logistics and product development. In doing so, GreenWave Aotearoa seeks to optimise productivity (and therefore commercial viability) of seaweed…
September 14, 2022
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From ‘assessment to investment’: the transition to a blue economy in India

About the client With 189 member countries, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership that is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Its five institutions are working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty, build shared prosperity in developing countries and promote sustainable development. Executive Summary The World Bank and Government of India had been collaborating to develop a long-term programme to direct funding and resources to coastal and marine management. The Enhancing Coastal and Ocean Resource Efficiency (ENCORE) programme will help India enhance its coastal resources, protect coastal populations from pollution,…
June 23, 2022
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Supporting the growth of New Zealand’s rapidly evolving seaweed sector

About the client Established in 2014, the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge is a 10-year, two phase government-funded research programme set up to address how we can best develop our marine economy, while protecting the taonga of our marine environment. Executive Summary EnviroStrat has been a significant contributor to the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge blue economy workstream. In 2018/2019 we led a research project to identify marine activities that have the potential to create economic value whilst contributing positively to social, cultural and ecological wellbeing in New Zealand. This included a stocktake of national and international blue economy developments,…
June 23, 2022
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Chatham Rock Phosphate (Managing the response to a proposal for Deep Sea Phosphate Mining)

EnviroStrat successfully led the response of New Zealand’s largest tribe to a proposal for deep sea phosphate mining on the Chatham Rise, NZ. Developed and executed a strategy to refute the evidence presented by the applicant through a 3 month hearing process, including engaging and managing experts in economics, ecology, ecotoxicology, planning, and international best practice. There were a number of unresolved issues, including the impact on existing fisheries and cultural interests, the need for adaptive management in the context of very large infrastructure development, restoration techniques using the precautionary principle, and the reliance of modelling as a proxy for…
February 12, 2020