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Multidisciplinary specialists taking an innovative approach to remedying long-standing environmental challenges

Our story

Founded in 2009 by Dr Nigel Bradly, EnviroStrat takes an innovative approach to the origination and application of pragmatic responses to remedying long-standing environmental challenges, balancing the needs of communities, the environment and economy. Our strength comes from working across multiple disciplines to tackle challenging and complex environmental issues that require out-of-the-box solutions.

Our team are specialists from across environmental science, technology, policy, economics, legal and investment fields. The combination of our diverse skills and experience enables EnviroStrat to unite the often divergent worlds of science with commercial development to advocate for and execute natural resource sector projects that deliver measurable environmental improvements and positive financial returns. 

Alongside our natural resource sector advisory work, we are increasingly focusing on impact investment project development.

We embrace collaboration, learning from others and sharing our own knowledge and experience, amplifying everyone’s ability to address the environmental challenges of today to enable the sustainable future we need to create. Our collaboration has seen us lead several ‘first in New Zealand’ projects; adapting solutions that have been successfully developed and deployed elsewhere to our unique context.

While based in New Zealand, much of our work is international. Over the past 12 years we have worked on a large number of multi-year programmes across the globe, supporting central and regional governments, non-profit and philanthropic organisations, indigenous communities, multilateral banks and multinational corporations to lead major change programmes, lead research, contribute to policy and regulatory reforms and create and implement new services.

The challenge of bringing together science and investment in nature-based solutions and projects that deliver true impact at scale, whilst also providing a return to investors, is something we face daily at EnviroStrat. We are creating a pipeline of investable, scalable and replicable impact opportunities that attract public, philanthropic and private capital. Our role extends beyond developing projects to leading execution and impact measurement and reporting. 

 To date we have generated over NZ$30 million in grant funding for projects, including for clients as well as our own projects. EnviroStrat ‘walks the talk’, and is a direct investor in the Blue Economy; we have established and own the first regenerative ocean (seaweed) farming operations in New Zealand, we are adapting the world’s leading sea urchin (kina) ranching business, and recognising the opportunities associated with the aquaculture sector we acquired a 50% share of Aquaculture Direct, New Zealand’s only specialist aquaculture consultancy, in 2019.

The challenges and opportunities in the natural resources sector

The many impacts of human-induced climate change are negatively impacting the sustainability of natural resources and economies globally. We are seeing world leaders declaring climate, waste, water and biodiversity emergencies, yet change is slow and very few countries are matching tangible action and outcomes with the rhetoric. These challenges are complicated, controversial, long-standing and can not be solved by incremental business-as-usual solutions. 

Without innovation and collaboration between governments, the private sector, investors and communities to identify, develop, fund and implement bold and innovative solutions our environmental challenges and risks to society and economies will only get worse.

We believe the future has to generate positive economic growth in sync with sustainable solutions that deliver multiple ecosystem outcomes. That is why EnviroStrat’s focus is on designing, leading and executing high-quality projects in a way that can enable environmental change to slow down or reverse degradation, while generating positive financial returns.   

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EnviroStrat is a true multidisciplinary organisation, bringing together sector experts from environmental science, technology, economics, policy, law and investment.


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EnviroStrat operates nationwide in New Zealand and regularly in the USA, India and developing nations throughout Southeast Asia.

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