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Nigel Bradly, EnviroStrat CEO, was interviewed by NZBusiness about the challenges and opportunities for New Zealand’s aquaculture industry post Covid-19, and the initiatives that could unlock its true export potential. “As a country we haven’t invested enough to date in critical assets like hatcheries to provide the certainty of supply that you see in a lot of other countries. He also believes that the sector hasn’t necessarily kept up to speed on R&D and technology as much as other sectors. Climate change is also a significant challenge for the sector – with warming seas, acidification and biosecurity risks that come with the warmer temperatures. But while there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Bradley believes there is a degree of catching up required in the aquaculture sector, and with the move to deeper water new strategic thinking is required around the planning and allocation of marine space.”

Sea Change Aquaculture |June 2020