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Creating Regenerative Ocean Farming in New Zealand

By October 14, 2021June 9th, 2022No Comments

EnviroStrat has partnered with GreenWave in the United States to adapt its highly successful Regenerative Ocean Farming model to a New Zealand context. Regenerative Ocean Farming is a non-input (i.e. no feed or nutrient supplementation) co-culture method of growing complementary marine species that also deliver environmental benefits such as improved water quality, and can be used to combat climate change.

Seaweed is the fundamental crop to the Regenerative Ocean Farming model, however, the seaweed farming supply chain in New Zealand is very immature. Recognising this, EnviroStrat has set out with local partners including iwi in Hauraki / Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty, the University of Waikato, AgriSea Ltd and Premium Seas Ltd to develop a three-year pilot to establish an end-to-end seaweed supply chain in New Zealand.

EnviroStrat will create a cooperative structure to provide support services to ‘GreenWave NZ’. The co-operative approach will embed social, cultural, and environmental philosophies that will be strongly driven by indigenous (Te Ao Māori) value systems.